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It’s the day of basketball tryouts. You are probably more stressed out about the upcoming date with the hardwood than your young athlete. You talk to them about what they need to do as you ride to the car. You tell them that their effort is more important than anything else. You tell them that they don’t have to worry about making the team. You tell them that you are proud of them no matter what. You are the super motivational sports dad/mom!

As you espouse your words of wisdom you notice that they are sitting in the back seat and listening without response. Through your rear view mirror you see them either looking out of the window, listening to their favorite rap artist or, based on the permanent smile fixed on their face, watching their favorite youtube video. You figure it’s probably for the best as the GPS barks out the directions to the gym.

As you pull up to the basketball gym you take one more opportunity to give them your words of wisdom as you notice that they are taking off their headphones. They nod and jog into the gym ready for practice. The only problem is that 90% of you did not prepare them well for the outcome you both are hoping to have. Let me give you a little window into the five things that we paid attention to that helped our son make every team that he tried out for.

5 Things You Better Know Before Basketball Tryouts

  • Coaches are looking for character just as much as they are looking for skill.

You are probably coming into a known situation. Which means the coaches have some idea of who you are. They might have an understanding about how you play and that can be good or bad. However, you can set your sails straight at basketball tryouts. One word…Even.

Your goal during tryouts is to stay even. No big ups on made shots and no big downs on missed shots. Like they say. Act like you’ve been here before.

  • Defense will get you on the team.

Find the best player and lock…him/her… down. Remember they don’t really call fouls during tryouts so go all in. I’m not saying hack the guy. I’m just saying he shouldn’t score.

  • Hustle.

Be the first one in when they say huddle up. Be the first one in line when they say baseline. Run even when you don’t have to. Do Push Ups when you don’t have to. Do suicides when you don’t have to. (Why You Ask? You’re there to get better and when guys do extra push ups because the lost guess what? They are getting better. When players run extra suicides because they missed too many free throws they are getting better. Do it all and get better!) 

  • Scoring is important, but correct shooting form is more important.

Coaches know that you are nervous. They get it. So if you miss a shot or two or all during practice it doesn’t really matter. That is as long as your shooting form is on point. Make sure that your form is correct. They are watching!


How many times do coaches have to tell you to …STOP WALKING?! Want to make the team. RUN EVERYWHERE! It’s only an hour or so.

Here’s what happens when you use these Basketball Tryout Tips:


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