Be passionate – The passion to win comes from the love of the game. Mamba mentality comes from the love. Allow your kids to love the game. The business will come soon enough.

Be obsessive – Focus on what you want. Plan out how you are going to attain it. Pay attention to detail and follow through. Be open to pivoting, but not to changing your goal. “Whatever you are doing at that moment that is what you are doing at that moment.” – Kobe Bryant

Be relentless – attack, attack, attack never letting your teammates slack off. Never give an inch to anyone. You have to always be going after it! Never backing up or backing off. Maybe I’m not good enough today. That’s fine. I’ll be better tomorrow.

The Biggest Lesson On Being A Mamba

Mamba Kobe said that relentlessness was not in his blood. He had to learn it as well. THE MAMBA HAD TO LEARN HOW TO BE RELENTLESS! THE MAMBA HAD TO LEARN THE MAMBA MENTALITY!



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