NCAA Champions Villanova & The Lessons You Need To Learn!

April 03, 2018

NCAA Champions Villanova put on a clinic last night. They weren’t playing the basketball of old. Villanova and coach Jay Wright were playing with their heads instead of their muscles. Don’t get me wrong. They were using their muscles as well however, they were playing smarter instead of harder.

The Villanova basketball team took a not from Billy Beane last light. They played the numbers instead of the plays. They used math to direct their x’s and o’s. Although it might seem very unconventional it is the way of the future. The great part of all of this is the opening of the basketball door to any and all skilled players.

You no longer have to be a seven footer to dominate the game of basketball. You just have to be a skilled shooter. That is attainable. That requires hard work! Take a listen to our take and let us know your thoughts!

Welcome to the new world of basketball my friends. Will you join the new movement or be left behind. The choice is yours.

Troy (AKA Moses’ Dad)

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