Hello Everyone,

So grateful that you would take the time to check out our site. We built this community in an effort to bring together parents looking for great high-level training for their kiddos. For me the journey has been pretty daunting. We have been on multiple teams worked with multiple trainers and spent lots (Probably thousands) of dollars trying to get our son better.

I don’t want it to be that way for you and for others anymore. So we built hoopchalk as an answer to the question. Where can I get information about basketball training, drills, and college for my daughter or son.

Wether we like it or not, the days of waiting for High School to develop your student athlete are gone. However the access to creating a ¬†successful sports career for your child is not. With social media, sites like NCAA.org ‘s Eligibility Center, and even online services like NCSA you can learn about the possibilities today. (FYI.. you are able to build a profile on NCAA for your 12 yes 12 Year old athlete!)

For those of you who are still privy to the “Your Child Is Too Short” story let me offer you this.

Chris Paul is 6′

Ty Lawson is 5″11

Stef Curry is 6’3

Nate Robinson is 5’9

Jameer Nelson is 6′

and the list goes on and on. Plus the game is changing to small ball for the moment. Time to get to work helping our kids and allowing them to dream big. I make my living as an entrepreneur. You don’t want to know the odds on that.

This winter we have a camp that is going to be 8 hours a day for three days with some of the best trainers in the area. If you are ready for that journey click here

Let’s help our kids get to the next level. Whatever that may be for you and your family.

Talk soon,


Don’t forget to check out our winter ball camp. It’s for players 4-8th boys and girls!

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