Your Hoopchalk Hosts

Moses Horne

Kid / Basketball Player / Host

Moses Horne is a youth basketball player with the goal of going to the NBA. He works out everyday and sometimes twice a day. Always in pursuit of his goals, he understands the idea that if you want what only 1% of people get you have to do what 99% of people won’t do. “Choosing to work hard is easy.” – Moses Horne

Troy Horne

Dad / Host

Troy Horne is a former actor musician who was blessed enough to do what many of his peers were not. He starred on Broadway, had a stint on Star Search as a kid, toured the world with his music and even had a time in T.V. His whole life has been filled with doing things that people said was impossible. His goal now is to guide his son into doing the same thing with his goals. “Everyone says it’s impossible until you do it!” – Troy Horne

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