Help Your Team Win

From the Editor: HoopChalk staff writer Harri Mannonen has written a study book called The Basics. It includes 75 compact chapters filled with essential information for basketball players. The business idea is that The Basics may be personalized to meet the needs of an organization or a team. In … [Read more...]

Stephen Curry: The NBA’s Black Hole

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Note: Astronomical terms in the follow article may have been used wildly inaccurately. Take comfort in the knowledge that it was all done in the pursuit of a pleasing aesthetic. The NBA universe is dotted with black holes. Usually this phrase has a pejorative connotation. In my extremely … [Read more...]

The Best Damn Off-Screen Action in the NBA

Off Screen Shots Combined

“Not everything has to mean something. Some things just are.” – Charles de Lint There are times when I’m writing—and I would guess other people fall into this trap as well—when I feel determined to produce a profound conclusion, that I should unlock an age old mystery. But it’s also cool … [Read more...]

The Finnish Wolfpack Are a Collectivistic Underdog

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If ever, a Rudyard Kipling quote is now called for: “For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of Wolf is the Pack.” The obvious reason is that Wolfpack – the nickname of the Finnish national team – are the first opponent of Team USA in FIBA World Cup 2014. The game takes place … [Read more...]

Team Pick-and-Roll Defense: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

chandler show

Since today's NBA is such a heavy pick-and-roll league, being able to defend this play effectively has become almost equally as important as being able to run it. … [Read more...]

Why LaMarcus Aldridge Doesn’t Shoot Threes in the Blazers Offense

LaMarcus Aldridge takes a lot of mid-range jump shots. In 2013-14, nobody made or took close to as many. Even though he’s an excellent shooter from this distance, relative to league average, these are still not especially efficient shots. The equivalent 3PG% for Aldridge's midrange shots, in terms … [Read more...]

Mike Miller Utilizes Flare Screens


At the age of 34, Mike Miller knows his illustrious basketball career is winding down. That’s a huge part of why Miller hitched his wagon to his friend LeBron James and decided to sign a two-year, $5.5 million deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers this offseason. Miller clearly wants another … [Read more...]

The Pelicans Hug Play


Anthony Morrow is one of the most exciting players across the NBA. The teams that Morrow has played for -- the Warriors, Nets (New Jersey iteration), Hawks, Mavericks, Pelicans -- were going through down cycles when Morrow was a member of their roster. Now, having signed a 3-year/$10M contract with … [Read more...]

Starting Anew


I started this site back before the 2012-13 season because I felt there was a massive need for a specialized play breakdown site in the wake of Sebastian Pruiti shutting down NBAPlaybook after his move to the Oklahoma City Thunder. Henry Abbott and Kevin Arnovitz and the TrueHoop Network agreed, and … [Read more...]

Monta Ellis – Dallas Mavericks’ Offensive Catalyst

Ellis Lane Closed

While the enchanting "Splash Brothers" charmed the NBA with their stupefying shooting touch last season, the Milwaukee Bucks' backcourt was on the opposite side of the spectrum. Monta Ellis and Brandon Jennings -- let's call them the "Brick Brothers" -- formed a lamentable duo of inefficient volume … [Read more...]


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