How To Brand Yourself As An Athlete,
Season 1,

Episode 4: Build Your Brand Like Lonzo Ball – Tywanna Smith

July 14, 2017

Tywanna Smith was a four-year starter for the SEC program’s women’s basketball team, eventually taking her talents to Europe for a 2-year professional career.

In June of 2016, Tywanna launched The Athlete’s Nexus, a sports marketing and business management solution for NBA, NFL, and International professional athletes. She found that most professional athletes don’t have the time, knowledge, or experience to manage their brand and their finances as an active player, in a way that will serve them well into retirement.

Tywanna and The Athlete’s Nexus provides sports branding, business management, and financial planning services for professional athletes. Her roster of clients has included Terrence Metcalf (Retired NFL player, 7-Year NFL Veteran), Sonny Weems (Maccabi Tel Aviv & Former NBA & Euro-League First Team Selection), Marcus Brown (Retired NBA & Euro-League’s 3rd All-time Leading Scorer), Desmond Mason (Seattle Supersonics – Retired NBA and artist), Troymaine Pope (Seattle Seahawks) and more…

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Most important thing to work on from Tywanna Smith is Dribbling!


What is the Hoopchalk Basketball Podcast?

The Hoopchalk Basketball Podcast is the best Youth Basketball podcast for young AAU basketball players and their families to learn how to navigate the ever changing world of youth sports. Our Motto is – NO MORE GUESS WORK! Our mission is to help young basketball players and families successfully navigate the world of youth basketball.

In this podcast we will unlock all of the locked doors that have become road blocks for youth basketball players. We will also help those who dream but have no idea how to move towards their basketball dreams. Figuring it out alone is a pretty daunting task. I was in your shoes. Moses and I invite you to learn from our wins and our losses. Hopefully it will help someone else in their journey towards their dreams. In this podcast we will cover everything youth basketball from what to look for when joining a team, to college recruiting, to social media and even to the how to develop the mental toughness that will allow your young athlete to soar in games.

“There I was with this kid who wanted to follow his dream of playing pro basketball and as a non-basketball parent I had no idea how to make it happen. When I asked others I constantly heard things like – “You just have to be good and people will find you.” I knew that that was not the answer or key to success. So I started digging and I found out that, like every career, there is an actual path that you MUST take to even have a chance. I am excited to share my findings with you! Let’s work together to make this happen for our little and not so little ballers!” – Troy Horne

See you inside episode 4! Troy and Moses Horne

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