How the Orlando Magic Found a Wide Open Layup vs Golden State

In the game against the Warriors on Friday, J.J. Redick found himself with a wide open, uncontested layup. Let’s take a look at how Jarrett Jack was fooled into giving Redick a direct path to the basket.

Early in the second quarter, Orlando ran a pick-and-roll between J.J. Redick and Andrew Nicholson. The play begins with Redick giving up the ball to Nicholson and heading for the corner. Jarrett Jack is caught a bit off-guard when Redick goes back up to the wing and gets the ball back for a quick pick-and-roll with Nicholson, who hits the hook shot. The full play is below.

A few minutes later, Orlando comes back with the same look. Redick gives it up to Glen Davis and goes to the corner again. Jarrett Jack knows what’s coming next, so he stays high and overplays Redick to come back to the wing.

Jack overplays Redick

But instead of running that pick-and-roll, the ball is simply swung to the opposite side of the floor. Redick has a open path to the basket, Nikola Vucevic has a great passing angle, and the remaining off-ball defenders are occupied with their assignments. All of this adds up to a wide open layup for Redick.

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